our commitment to you and what we do 

Crossfit gets you in the best shape of your life.  Whether you are new to exercise or coming to Crossfit with a high level of fitness achieved elsewhere we will transform your capabilities.

Our commitment to your goals is unparalleled. We want you to achieve your aims as much as you do.  Fitness is our passion and Crossfit Manchester is driven by the desire to develop the highest possible level of fitness in every one of our athletes. You will achieve levels of performance that you did not think possible.  Our standards are high but your results will be your reward.  Read the views of some of our athletes here .

  • Our dedication and commitment to excellence in our professional standards will deliver performance results beyond your highest expectations.


  • The driving force and priority of Crossfit Manchester is the development of elite fitness in our athletes.  It is the measure by which we will be judged and by which we judge ourselves.


  • The constant variety in your training will ensure that the traditional training pitfalls of boredom are never an issue.  You will be continually learning and developing new skills and striving for exemplary technique and virtuosity.


  • These skills will be learned, developed and ultimately tested in a community of supportive fellow athletes.


  • This community spirit will be fostered through the shared pain and laughter of intense workouts and competitions.


  • The lessons learned in the gym will require and develop character traits which can be applied to all aspects of your life. Perseverance, commitment, diligence, honesty and integrity will all be learned and developed through your training at Crossfit Manchester.