elite fitness training for all

Crossfit brings elite fitness training methodology to everyone, creating workouts that will challenge the fittest athletes around but which are at the same time scalable to the abilities of all. 

Crossfit has worked for Olympic athletes and professional sportsmen and women, and at the same time for complete novices to exercise and for elderly individuals seeking to maintain their independence and ability to lead an active retirement.  

Crossfit has been adopted by law enforcement agencies and armed forces worldwide and has proven the most effective route to all round fitness and general physical preparedness.


Crossfit is a strength and conditioning programme built on

constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. 

Functionality, variety and intensity are the three pillars of Crossfit.   


The human body is designed to push, pull, jump, throw, squat, lunge, climb, lift and run.These are the essential elements of human movement.  They exist everywhere.

Merely to participate in everyday life demands proficiency in these movements. They are not unique to a gym environment.

Crossfit Manchester will teach you how to perform these essential functional movements correctly. 

We coach movement. You will learn a myriad of new exercises under the guidance of coaches who will build your skills step by step continually pursuing perfection in your technique.


To tackle the unforseen tasks and challenges of life we must overcome the unknown on a regular basis.

Crossfit takes the essential functional movements and mixes them in endlessly varied challenging combinations. You must, and will, become prepared to perform short middle and long distance challenges and to handle light, moderate and heavy loads.
With Crossfit Manchester you never know what to expect.  Your training will become an exciting exploration of new skills and movements in ever-changing combinations If you are bored by traditional gym training and feel stuck in a rut you need crossfit.


Intensity is integral to success, and intensity is at the heart of Crossfit. Your training will be hard.  There is no escaping this reality.

Your success in achieving your goals is directly correlated with the intensity of your training.  You will continually push the boundaries of your capabilities.  The work is hard but the rewards are great. Power is the key. Your training must be hard and fast. 

Crossfit is the sport of fitness.  The stopwatch or the leaderboard on the wall will help to push you to new levels of performance. High intensity training will develop not just your physical attributes but will also challenge and develop character.